1. Number 1 Hotel Management School in Australia and Asia-Pacific (TNS 2017)
    In an independent survey, conducted by global research company TNS Kantar, hiring managers and executives from across the Asia-Pacific region ranked BMIHMS as their first choice when
    recruiting hospitality management graduates.
  2. Top 3 Hotel Management Schools in the world (TNS 2017)
    In addition to being ranked Number 1 across the Asia-Pacific region, globally BMIHMS was ranked third for graduate employability and work readiness.
  3. Fast tracked undergraduate degrees
    Graduate in 2.5 years with a bachelor of business, specialising in hotel & resort or event management, and 12 months of industry work experience.
  4. Industry Placements in all degrees
    Students are required to undertake a minimum of 600 hours Industry Placement as part of their coursework. Undergraduate students complete 2×600 hour Industry Placements/ Work Integrated Learning
    during their first and second years at uni. Postgraduate students will complete 1×600 hour industry placement in their second year. Placements can be undertaken anywhere in the world, and are generally paid.
  5. Success Coaches
    When you commence study at BMIHMS a dedicated Success Coach will be assigned to you. They will provide you with ongoing support, advice and encouragement for the duration of your course, ensuring that you are employable and job ready.
  6. Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort
    Students studying an undergraduate degree will complete their applied training at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort. Forming part of Leura Campus, this fully operational hotel is managed by BMIHMS,
    giving students the opportunity to learn in a real hotel, with paying guests.
  7. Global alumni network
    Across the globe there are BMIHMS alumni working in many different industries. This supportive network comprises over 5000 graduates who regularly collaborate, assisting students and graduates with networking and job opportunities.
  8. 95% employment rate
    Within 3-months of graduating, 95% of graduates are employed within their chosen field (Alumni Survey). In comparison to many other universities, this is significantly higher. As a BMIHMS graduate, you will be highly sought after by many employers across the globe.
  9. 25 years experience
    For over 25 years BMIHMS has been educating future business and hospitality leaders. During that time, our passionate staff have continued to ensure that our degrees are industry relevant, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and networks with industry leaders. Since opening in 1991, our sole priority has been to ensure students and graduates are job ready.
  10. Three Pillar Approach to learning
    Our unique approach to learning is based around three pillars. These three pillars – Professional and Personal Growth, Practical Skills Development, and Academic Achievement – ensure that you graduate
    well-rounded, worldly, confident and prepared for a rewarding future.
  11. Small class sizes
    Small lecture, tutorial and applied training classes gives students a personalised
    learning experience. As a student, you will engage in a two-way conversation with your lecturers and tutors, and participate in activities with your classmates, all whilst gaining a thorough understanding of each
    subjects content.
  12. Lecturers and instructors actively working in the industry
    Learn from leaders who are actively working in the hospitality industry. You will analyse current trends, issues and case studies – developing your critical thinking. Graduate knowing that you are prepared for today’s ever-changing business world.

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